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Operates in 40 Countries Union Carbide
8000 Deaths Bhopal Disaster
500,000 suffered Bhopal Disaster
Miscarriages 7 x as common Bhopal Disaster
Life expectancy: 81 Italy
Life expectancy: 66 Comoros
Adult literacy: 98.9% Italy
Adult literacy: 74.2% Comoros
$111.82 GDP of China in 1970 per capita
$6807 GDP of China 2013 per capita
$114.4 GDP of India 1970 per capita
$1498 GDP of India 2013
6% Average growth of India's economy
4,000,000 Number of English speakers in India
12,000 dead 100,000 displaced Nepal civil war
40% in poverty Nepal
60% Percentage of Nepal that is mountains
250,000,000 Number of people in poverty in China
30% Percentage of China that suffers with Acid Rain
3.1 Average U.K Ecological footprint
100,000,000 Increase in Bangladesh's population in the last 60 years
$13 Trillion Combined GDP of the Commonwealth
2.2 Billion Number of people within the Commonwealth
15,000 The number of Polish people that have migrated to Peterborough
500,000 Number of Polish migrants to the U.K
1,000 Number of New patients at a doctors in Peterborough
3,000 The number of Eritreans that try to flee each month
10,000 Number of Political prisoners in Eritrea
76.79% Percentage of global migrants that go to Europe
$200,000,000 Money given by Berlusconi to Gadaffi to try to prevent migration into Italy from Libya
30% How cheaper property prices are in Spain, than in the U.K
1,000,000 Number of new homes built in Spain to satisfy mass migration
200,000 Number of British citizens that emigrated to Spain in 2005
£16,000,000 The disposable income of the elderly population in Christchurch, Dorset
£20 Billion The amount of money the NHS spent on the elderly in 2011
80% The amount of waste that can be reused, reduced or recycled
3.4 million tonnes Amount of waste produced by London
2000 Euros The registering cost to become part of the Fair-Trade scheme
500,000 Number of migrants arriving in Los Angeles between 1876-1916
1 out of 5 Citizens in Sao Paolo that suffer anxiety disorders
$388 Billion GDP of Sao Paolo
24 Number of migrants arriving into Sao Paolo every hour
$20 Billion Economic loss in Sao Paolo because of congestion
22,622 MW Energy delivered to Los Angeles every day
10 million Number of car owners in Los Angeles
$429 million Cost of the Sao Paolo sustainable transport initiative
10,000 New cars in Sao Paolo every month
14,000 tonnes Waste produced in Sao Paolo
50,000 tonnes Waste produced daily in Los Angeles
Affected 17 million and left 1,600 dead Pakistan Floods 2010
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