Why is Control needed?

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Why is Control needed?

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WHY IS CONTROL NEEDED 1. Adapting to change and uncertainty 2. Detecting irregularities and errors 3. Reducing costs, increasing productivity or adding value 4. Identifying opportunities 5. Dealing with complexities 6. Decentralizing DM and facilitating teamwork
1. ADAPTING TO CHANGE AND UNCERTAINTY Arises bc org goals are future oriented but set on the basis of present knowledge A variety of factors in the environment cause changes in areas such as consumer demand, technology, and the availability of raw materials
2. DETECTING IRREGULARITIES AND ERRORS Help managers to detect undesirable irregularities such as product defects, cost overrun, staff turnover or consumer complaints Early detection can save org large amt of resources later on
3. REDUCING COST, INCREASING PRODUCTIVITY, OR ADDING VALUE can reduce labour cost, eliminate waste, increase output, increase product delivery cycles, and add value to a product (from feedback)
4. IDENTIFYING OPPORTUNITIES Help managers identify opportunities by highlighting situations such as competitive prices on materials, changing population trends, new overseas market. Help alert managers to opportunities that might have otherwise been unnoticed
5. DEALING WITH COMPLEXITIES As org grows larger, or engage in more complex operations and projects, control enhances coordination. Help managers keep track of major element to ensure that they are well coordinated and running effectively
6. DECENTRALIZING DECISION-MAKING AND FACILITATING TEAM WORK Allows top management to decentralize decision-making at lower levels withing the org and to encourage employees to work together in teams
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