Scopes (areas) of control

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Scopes (areas) of control

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SCOPES (AREAS) OF CONTROL 1. Physical Resources 2. Human Resources 3. Information Resources 4. Financial Resources
PHYSICAL RESOURCES CONTROL inclu control over buildings, equip, and tangible products Quality control makes sure that products are being built according to certain acceptable standards
HUMAN RESOURCES CONTROL inclu process of regulating employee performance and behaviour. Intended at improving capabilities of employees and implementing rewards, bonuses and training prog aimed to encourage employees to focus on activities necessary for org to achieve its goals
INFORMATION RESOURCE CONTROL involves the generation and use of production schedules, sales and marketing forecasting, analyses of competition, environment etc
FINANCIAL RESOURCES CONTROL related to the control of money and budget (Eg: how much is owed by cust, how much is owed to supplier, how much expensees can the org afford for advertising) Necessary for monitoring cost, expense and profit and loss IMPT as can affect other 3 type of resources
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