Vet Med Test: Parasites and Diseases

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Active Contact Some parasites move to areas where they are more likely to come into contact with an animal
Adult Last stage, lay eggs and reproduce
Direct a life cycle in which a parasite is transmitted directly from one host to the next without an intermediate host or vector from another species
Host Any organism that another organism or bacteria live in or on.
Indirect require different types or hosts or a vector (intermediate host)
Larvae first immature stage emerging from the egg
Nymph any immature stage of a parasite
Parasite organism living inside (endoparasites) or on (ectoparasites) the host.
Passive Contact animals come to the eggs or larva that cannot move
Pupae stage following the larval stage
Review Questions .....
How long (in months) can maternal antibodies block a primary immunological response to a vaccine? 6 months
What are the symptoms of hookworms? -black, tarry diarrhea -dark stool -lethargy -anemia -vomiting -irritated skin where hookworms penetrated the body
What is Sarcoptic Mange also known as? Scabies
How are tapeworms transmitted? Transmitted through intermediate hosts, usually fleas, who obtain the egg and then are eaten by another animal
What disease can a host animal get from ticks? Spotted Disease: fever, joint & muscle, pain and weakness which can lead to heart and kidney problems
Describe Milk Fever Metabolic disorder: also know as hypocalcemia: affects cattle, sheep and goats, occurs when the animal has low blood calcium levels during lactation
What is colic? What animal does it affect? Abdominal pain; mainly impacts horses because they are unable to vomit.
Describe bloat: refers to rapid fermentation, producing excess gas or foam in the rumen and is caused by consuming highly concentrated rations and lush legume pastures
What types of muscles does White Muscle Disease affect? cardiac and smooth muscles
What are some symptoms of Demodectic mange? itching, red, irritated skin, small areas of hair loss on face and front leg, skin oozing serum, may contract bacterial infection.
What are the classes of parasites? External and Internal
What is an argasidae tick? Three host tick; soft tick
What are the symptoms of the heel fly/ cattle grub? -Bumps on back -Cattle running inspiring for no apparent reason -Presence of flies
Name examples of internal parasites/ Tapeworm, heart worm, roundworm, hookworm
Can parasites cause economic loss? Parasites cause many economic losses: slow animals growth, lower feed conversion, decrease production and may cause death
What is the difference between internal and external parasites? External parasites- Start on the inside of the body and become an adult on the outside Internal parasite- Goes from outside the host to the inside of the host
Name some external parasite control methods? spraying, dipping, pour-ons, injections, sanitation, and pasture rotation
What are some common types of parasite diagnostic tests? Fecal Analysis -Fecal flotation -Baemam technique -Fecal sedimentation -Direct smear -Visualization Blood Analysis -Stained blood smear -Direct blood smear External Parasite -Skin Scrape
What is passive immunity? Preformed antibodies are transferred to a recipient either by natural or artificial processes
What is the longest type of round worm? Ascarid
How long is the beef or pork tapeworm? 20-25 feet
What must happen in order for liver flukes to hatch? Must land in water hatch
How can you prevent Trichinosis? -Control rat population -feed only cooked garbage or feed stuffs -dispose of dead carcasses -cook pork thorough, at least 137 degrees Farenheit
What is the most common internal parasite in small animals? Tapeworm
What animal structure do whipworms live in? live in cecum
What are the symptoms of earmites? -scratching at the ear -ears become red and inflamed -crust may appear on or around the ears -abscesses around the ears
How are heartworms transmitted? Through feeding mosquitoes who desposit larvae
What is anemia? Lack of hemoglobin in blood aka lack of blood
What causes Blackleg? Caused by spore forming bacterium attacking skeletal muscles
How is foot rot caused? Caused by interaction of two anaerobic bacteria
How is bluetongue transmitted? INSECTS -in utero -infected needles -semen
What is the cure for Bovine Virus Diarrhea? has no cure, treatments are given to control symptoms
How can Avian Influenza be prevented? Decreasing contact with feces of wild birds; AVOIDING LIVE MARKETS; using good sanitation practices
What is another name for ringworm? Club Lamb Fungus
What is the main symptom of facial eczema? sunburn
Kennel Cough formally was formally known as what? Canine Bordetellosis or Bordetella
What are the kinds of Feline Respiratory diseases? Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis Feline Calicivirus Feline Pneumonitis
What do you call an indication that a disease is present? Symptom
What is considered valuable information concerning understanding the life cycle of parasites? How the particular stage affects the host Most common type of year for parasites to be in environment Type of infestations or sickness caused by parasites
What conditions would lead to increased exposure to parasite eggs and a greater degree of infestation? Over-crowding Over-grazing Poor sanitary conditions
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