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1 Chapter 7 Which river is the longest in the world? Nile River
2 What are the large stone structures built for burial places for ancient Egyptian rulers? Pyramids
3 What is the largest desert in the world? The Sahara
4 Chapter 8 Name the highest peak in Africa Chapter 8 Mount Kilimanjaro
5 What is the man-made waterway that seperates Africa from Asia? Chapter 8 Suez Canal
6 Who was the well-known woman who was an early missionary to Africa Chapter 8 Mary Slessor
7 Chapter 9 Which mountain range is along the northwestern coast of Africa? Chapter 9 Atlas
8 Who was South Africa's first black president? Chapter 9 Nelson Mandela
9 Name the large national park located ini Tanzania. Chapter 9 Selengeti
10 Chapter 10 Whose alphabet did the Greeks borrow and add vowels to? Chapter 10 Phoenicians
11 What peninsula is Greece located on? Chapter 10 Balkin
12 Which book of the Bible prophesied that Alexander the Great's life would be short? Chapter 10 Daniel
13 What became the language of most of the civilized world during the Helenistic Age? Chapter 10 Greek
14 Chapter 11 who was one of the greatest military leaders of all time who crossed the Rubicon? Chapter 11 Julius Caesar
15 What man prophesied a powerful kingdom that would be "strong as iron"? Chapter 11 Daniel
16 What is the bridge like structure used to carry fresh water to Roman cities? Chapter 11 Aqueducts
17 Name the peninsula that is shaped like a boot? Chapter 11 Italy
18 What is the largest mountain system in Europe? Chapter 11 Alps
19 Chapter 12 what was the most important invention in the history of the world? Chapter 12 printing press
20 Who was the first great missionary of the Christian church? Chapter 12 Apostle Paul
21 What is the head of the Roman Church called; whose name means "father"? Chapter 12 Pope
22 Name the two German tribes who defeated Rome Chapter 12 Visigotins and Vandals
23 What were the Church men who seperated themselves from the world and promised to live a life of poverty and never to marry called? Chapter 12 Monk
24 What is the abbriviation that means "in the year of our Lord?" Chapter 12 A.D.
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