Grammar Module 3

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I am an economist. She is a software engineer. They are very good cricket players. I ↔am he ↔ is she ↔ is it ↔ is they ↔ are we ↔ are you ↔ are
I am sleepy but I’m not tired. He is a good player but he isn't playing today. We aren't buying the bungalow. We are renting it. I am↔ I am not, I’m not she is↔ she is not, she isn't he is↔ he is not, he isn't they are ↔ they are not, they aren't we are ↔ we are not, we aren't you are ↔ you are not, you aren't.
That is the book I was looking for. That’s what I was talking about. There’s the book. There is the book. Here’s the medicine you wanted. Here is the famous cinema hall. That is ↔ that is, that’s There is ↔ There is, There’s Here is ↔ Here is, Here’s
I am playing tennis today. Am I late today? He is very good in studies. Is she going to come to class today? They are not coming to play today. Are we on schedule? I am → am I he is ↔ is he she is ↔ is she it is ↔ is it we are ↔ are we they are ↔ are they you are ↔ are you
A: “Where are you going?” B: “To the market.” A: “Where is the market?” B: “Next to the bus station.” Where are ↔ you Where is ↔ market
A: “What is your occupation?” B: “A doctor.” A: ‘What are you doing?’ B: ‘Playing.’ What is ↔ your What are ↔ you
A:“How are you doing?” B: “Fine, thank you.” How are ↔ you How is↔ it
A:“Why is the door open?” B:“Because Ram has come.” Why is ↔ the door Why are↔you
A:“Who is coming?” B:“Rushita.” Who is ↔ coming Who are ↔ they
A: “Are you sleepy?” B: “Yes, I am.” A:“That is my pen” . B:“No, it isn't.” A:“Are those your books?” B: “Yes, they are.” Yes ↔ I am Yes ↔ he is Yes ↔ it is Yes ↔ she is Yes ↔ they are Yes ↔ we are yes ↔ you are No, I’m not. No, he isn’t No, she isn’t No, it isn’t No, we aren’t No, they aren’t No, you aren’t
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