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Key Dates Stab in the Back Myth Nov 1918
Key Dates Spartacist Uprising January 1919
Key Dates Treaty of Versailles signed Jun 1919
Key dates Kapp Putsch Mar 1920
Key Dates Germany fails to pay first reparations installment Dec 1922
Key Dates French troops occupy the Ruhr Jan 1923
Key Dates Hyperinflation Crisis Jan to Nov 1923
Key Dates Stresemann becomes Chancellor Aug 1923
Key Dates Munich Putsch Nov 1923
Key Dates Hitler on Trial Feb 1924
Key Dates Dawes Plan 1924
Key Dates Locarno Treaty 1925
Key Dates Mein Kampf published 1925
Key Dates Germany joins League of Nations 1926
Key Dates Young Plan 1929
Key Dates Wall St Crash Oct 1929
Key Dates Nazis win 109 seats in Reichstag 1930
Key Dates Depression hits Germany 1930
Key Dates Nazis become largest party with 230 seats Jul 1932
Key Dates Unemployment peaks at 6.6 million Jan 1933
Key Dates Hitler becomes Chancellor Jan 1933
Key Dates Reichstag Fire Feb 27th 1933
Key Dates Nazis win 288 seats but no overall majority Mar 1933
Key Dates Enabling Act Mar 31st 1933
Key Dates Schacht starts New Plan for economy 1933
Key Dates Boycott of Jewish shops organised by SA 1933
Key Dates Rearmament of military begins 1935
Key Dates Concordat with Catholic Church Jul 1933
Key Dates Muller becomes first Reich Church bishop Sept 1933
Key Dates All state parliaments abolished Jan 1934
Key Dates Night of the Long Knives Jun 1934
Key Dates Death of Hindenburg Hitler becomes Fuhrer Aug 1934
Key Dates Niemoller sets up rival Confessional Church 1934
Key Dates Jews banned from certain public places 1934
Key Dates Nuremburg Laws 1935
Key Dates Goering starts 4 Year Plan for the economy 1936
Key Dates Jews banned from certain professions 1936
Key Dates Berlin Olympics 1936
Key Dates Niemoller arrested and put in camp Jul 1937
Key Dates Kristallnacht Nov 1938
Key Dates Unemployment falls below 1/2 million 1939
Key Dates Scholls set up White Rose Group 1941
Key Dates Wannsee Conference decides Final Solution for the Jews Jan 1942
Key Dates Edelweiss Pirates kill Gestapo officer, many hanged in reprisal 1944
Key Dates Army's July Bomb Plot fails over 5,000 soldiers executed Jul 1944
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