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What 3 things should be included in a balanced diet? Carbohydrates, proteins&fats
What are Carbohydrates made up of? Simple sugars such as glucose
What are proteins made up of? amino acids
What are fats made up of? fatty acids and glycerol
What factors does a balanced diet vary on? Age Gender Level of activity Religion Being a vegetarian/vegan Medical issues (food allergies)
What are carbohydrates stored in the body as? glycogen or converted into fatty acids
Where are fats stored? Under the skin and around organs
Where are carbohydrates stored? In the liver
What are fats stored as? Adipose tissue
Can proteins be stored in the body? No
What are proteins needed for? Growth
What is 'EAR'? estimated daily requirement
How is 'EAR' calculated? EAR(g)= 0.6 x body mass(kg)
What condition is caused by a lack of protein? Kwashiokor
Why is Kwashiokor more common in developing countries? overpopulation and a lack of money to improve agriculture
What factors may effect the 'EAR' for protein? Body mass Age Pregnancy Breast Feeding (lactation)
What is a first class protein? proteins from meat and fish
What is a second class protein? Plant proteins
What class protein contains all the essential amino that cannot be made by the human body? first-class proteins
How do you work out if a person is overweight or underweight? calculate their BMI ( body mass index )
How do you calculate your BMI? BMI= mass(kg) divided by height in m2
How do people become ill if they choose to eat less? low self-esteem poor self-image desire for what they think is perfection
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