Strategic Analysis

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Brief flashcard quiz on the main elements and frameworks used in strategic analysis

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What are the stages included within Porters 5 Forces? Competitive Rivalry Threat of Entry Threat of Substitution Buyer Power Supplier Power
What is the purpose of a PESTEL Analysis? The PESTEL analysis assesses the external environment and determine how certain factors are likely to affect the business in the long-term
What is the purpose of Porters 5 Forces? How is it measured? Porters 5 Forces framework assesses the attractiveness of an industry. It is measured on a high/low scale. Meaning that if it measures at high the industry is considered unattractive to enter as the competition is likely to be too high to compete against, vice versa.
What is the purpose of a Value Chain Analysis? A VCA analysis assesses if whether or not there is a demand for some type of value in the goods/services they purchase or obtain.
What are the frameworks used in order to assess an organisation internally? Internal Audits Capabilities Assessment Profile (CAP) Value Chain Analysis (VCA)
What are the frameworks used in order to form an external analysis? PESTEL Analysis Porters Five Forces
What is the purpose of the five primary activities of the VCA Analysis? To create customer value
What are the aims of the four support activities within the VCA Analysis? To support primary activities and each other
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