AQA biology 13.5 circulatory system of a mammal

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why to larger organisms need a transport system? surface area to volume ratio decreases so gas cant be diffused in any longer, there has to be a system.
what determines whether there is a specialised system? -SA:V -how active the organism is
what features give the greatest need for a specialised transport system? lower SA:V ratio and active e.g. a mouse
what are 6 features of transport systems? -suitable medium to carry materials (blood) -form of mass transport -closed system -mechanism to move the medium (heart or evaporation in plants) -way to keep flow one way (valves) -controlling flow to suit changing needs
what are the three types of blood vessel? arteries veins capillaries
which vessel takes blood from the right ventricle to the lungs? pulmonary artery
which vessel takes blood from the lungs to the left atrium? pulmonary vien
which vein takes de-oxygenated blood into the right atrium? vena cava
which artery takes oxygenated blood from the left ventricle to the rest of the body? the aorta
which artery takes blood to the kidneys? renal artery
which artery supplies the liver? hepatic artery
which vessel takes blood from the stomach and intestines to the liver? hepatic portal vein
Which vessel takes blood from the kidney to join the vena cava? renal vein
which blood vessel goes from the liver to join the vena cava? hepatic vein
A transport system moves substances long distances. how are these substances then moved into the cells? diffusion
what 3 things make the diffusion of substances into cells rapid? -large surface area -across short distances -steep diffusion gradient
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