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What what values of x is this binomial expansion valid? √(1-3x) I-3xI<1 I3xI<1 IxI<1/3
What is the differentiation formula for parametric equations? 9a84bfcd-57f3-4ac4-89f6-101194db69cc.png (image/png)
What is the differential of aˣ ? aˣlna
If a rate is proportional to x then it can be said that the rate expression = ... kx
A vector quantity has both.... magnitude and direction
What is a scalar? A single number with only magnitude/size but no direction.
What is the triangle law? A law for adding vectors
Adding the vectors PQ and QP gives... 0
The modulus of a vector gives its... Magnitude
How do you find the unit vector of a vector a? a ---- I a I
If ƛa + µb = άa + βb and the non-zero vectors a+b are not parallel... ƛ = ά µ = β
The distance from the origin to point (x, y, z) is... √x²+y²+z²
THe distance between 2 points: ₂₃₁ (x₁, y₁, z₁) and (x₂, y₂, z₂) is... √[ (x₁-x₂)² + (y₁-y₂)² + (z₁-z₂)² ]
What is a.b called? The scalar product
What is the formula for the scalar product of 2 vectors? a.b = I a I I b I cos ϴ
If two vectors are perpendicular then a.b = ... a.b = 0
If 2 vectors are parallel a.b = ... a.b = I a I I b I
e42799f5-2edd-43d7-a0fe-7c7b1f51feb8.png (image/png) eeb3f2fa-5dd6-4808-9ea9-754856933ca5.png (image/png)
1676caff-0695-45aa-be59-471c3f3cf71e.png (image/png) 4bea4052-75e8-4c69-86db-1b13f10bbe59.png (image/png)
e09a9441-fd8b-444b-b06a-a2d3de129a69.png (image/png) 23d2bad8-853d-4493-ba75-e91088cecad3.png (image/png)
c9239da5-4e27-4d07-83bc-93c5812113ee.png (image/png) cfc7fcaa-5d75-4737-bab9-d2bf4d5047a5.png (image/png)
8e877cdf-6f8d-4b89-b006-201c6ae15ae0.png (image/png) 5271d060-a321-4d0f-8fa8-173b2f41aa59.png (image/png)
552e434c-f21f-4199-83b4-840427178a32.png (image/png) bafb6a7c-df73-4497-9814-b241749b3be9.png (image/png)
fedeccea-f4b4-4018-8a99-079bdfbb624f.png (image/png) 6f645927-4410-482d-b331-b315f70f9426.png (image/png)
96ab49ae-0aa2-44fb-a44a-e29933ff0bd4.png (image/png) 6e6ce518-51d3-4b8c-9cd9-39490827dd9b.png (image/png)
25f3123e-94c1-4eb4-9301-487e38e45a88.png (image/png) bf3c1134-23a9-4796-9577-1b3cd877e8df.png (image/png)
d51348ae-0882-4b3a-ad24-e35cc3a14136.png (image/png) 698249ee-7cbd-450a-93cb-3a82ac8b6f64.png (image/png)
What is the sec²x identity? 54a2188a-c06b-4ba1-bbfe-5fbd4668c711.png (image/png)
What is the Cot²x identity? 4f70c497-e4f8-47a7-ab62-08d121adff57.png (image/png)
What is the sine double angle identity? 72ba0b6b-765d-4eee-b92c-ce77b374fe6d.png (image/png)
What are the 2 forms of the cosine double angle identity? 8df7703c-f18d-4315-a449-939f49aae93e.png (image/png) 42c0c46c-de49-4bc6-8d47-55c5219cffe0.png (image/png)
What is the integration by recognition formula for a fraction? 47e95925-ee08-46a7-8401-4114dcd09664.png (image/png)
What is the integration by recognition formula for functions with powers? c441b02b-8556-4b24-a180-fb69d0103a8c.png (image/png)
What is the integration by parts formula? 70b772db-b65f-4ff9-90c1-faa8e4d3cd78.png (image/png)
What is the trapezium rule? 461626ff-3934-4b50-8351-b5710f138530.png (image/png)
What is the formula for calculating h in the trapezium rule? 0a3b9d87-11b4-40c6-a47c-a0ca907871dd.png (image/png)
What is the formula for solids of revolution 360 degrees of f(x)? 3942ab79-0973-4061-9e31-a36a1845a8e0.png (image/png)
Which method can you use to solve this and what is its formula? e0715771-99ee-4a8e-80c8-15c4758fc310.png (image/png) Separating of variables a1b4b050-cd67-4f5f-902a-5bdb6efad50d.png (image/png)
101dccf7-156e-4b50-a8b0-7049e1ead7fd.png (image/png) 77d3aced-311b-4e46-b397-9173b17a749f.png (image/png)
459fad4d-cb1c-4ed9-bd4d-0c44e1a87d0e.png (image/png) f2952b9d-c788-444a-9a01-03bc41e8772a.png (image/png)
fe7ab698-502d-4cb1-8ee7-c81d056e2d06.png (image/png) a0797aa4-dc54-4bed-8755-b8664a21bf84.png (image/png)
206e8019-f46a-448a-82b0-f04307a2ad27.png (image/png) 823de65f-6dc4-43aa-827b-783645547034.png (image/png)
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