Odyssey Characters and Vocabulary

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Achaeans Greeks; specifically, the people of Achaea in northeastern Greece
Aeaea Island home of Circe, the enchantress
Agamemnon Commander of the Greeks during the Trojan War
Alcinous King of Phaecia
Antinous An Ithacan noble, most arrogant of the suitors
Apollo In Greek mythology, god of poetry, music, and prophecy
Argo The ship manned by Jason and his crew of Greek heroes on their quest for the Golden Fleece
Athena Greek goddess of wisdom, crafts, and war
Calypso Beautiful sea nymph, who kept Odysseus on her island for seven years
Charybdis A whirlpool in the Straits of Messina, personified as a female monster
Cicones A people living on the southwestern coast of Thrace, who were attacked by Odysseus' men on their way home from Troy
Circe Beautiful witch-goddess who transformed Odysseus' men into beasts
Cronus In Greek mythology, a Titan and ruler of the universe until he was overthrown by his son, Zeus
Cyclops Member of a race of one-eyed giants. The Cyclopes were said to have lived as shepherds on the island of Sicily
Eumaeus A swineherd, an old and loyal servant to Odysseus
Eurycleia Penelope's servant and Odysseus' old nurse
Eurylochus One of Odysseus' crew
Eurymachus One of Penelope's suitors, an Ithacan noble
Eurynome Penelope's maid
Helios In early Greek mythology, the sun god
Ithaca Odysseus' home, an island off the western coast of Greece
Laertes Odysseus' father
Laestrygonians Race of man-eating giants
Odysseus King of Ithaca and hero of the Odyssey
Penelope Odysseus' wife
Phaeacia An island kingdom inhabited by seafarers and traders
Polyphemus A cyclops, son of Poseidon
Poseidon Greek god of the sea, identified with the Roman god Neptune
Scylla A dangerous rock in the straits of Messina, personified as a female monster with six heads who devoured passing sailors
Sirens Sea nymphs who lured sailors to destruction with their songs
Telemachus Son of Odysseus and Penelope
Zeus Ruler of the gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus
Dispose To rid
Adversity Hardship or misfortune
Dethrone Remove from leadership
Resolve Decided
Recoil Pulled back
Insolent Disrespectful / deliberately rude
Maudlin Weighed down / burdened
Lucid Clear and easily understood
Courier Messenger
Candor Honesty
Suffice to be enough
Prudently Using careful planning
Broach To mention for the first time
Entrust Give with confidence
Disperse To scatter
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