Geography | Tsunami - Sumatra 2004

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Some questions based on the tsunami of Sumatra in 2004. It's a case study purposely for the big mark questions :-)

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How many people died? A quarter of a million.
How many people were made homeless? Two million.
Which plates were involved and what happened to them? The Australian plate was subducting below the Eurasian plate.
How many countries were affected? And which country was the affected the worst? Thirteen countries were affected. Indonesia was affected the worst.
What caused the tsunami? An earthquake measuring more than magnitude 9.
Name 3 financial problems the tsunami had on Sumatra. 1/ Fishing industry was destroyed so people lost jobs. 2/ Lost tourism due to the fear of the area and also because most accommodation was destroyed. 3/ Railways and ports damaged so stopped international shipping of products.
Name 3 social problems the tsunami caused for Sumatra. 1/ Fishing industry destroyed so people could no longer so fishing for fun. 2/ Psychological trauma was common so people's social skills were lacking. 3/ Damage to roads and railways caused inconvenience for the residents.
In which Ocean did he tsunami occur? The Indian Ocean.
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