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Media Studies. How did you address your audience?
Posters. We addressed our audience with posters which revealed images, titles and ratings of the film so that the audience will know what rating and a glimpse of what it is going to be like.
Trailers Trailers are the best way to sell the film and attract audiences. Trailers are small video clips that reveal small but best parts of the movie but doesn't reveal too much. Trailers are shown in cinemas, television or social media websites.
Web Links Web links appear mainly on social websites such as Twitter and Facebook. They are small links that show on the side of the profile which people like or share to their friends.
Billboards Build boards are big, bold and eye catching because they are un-noticeable when going past. Billboards are basically huge posters, it doesn't reveal much but it reminds the viewer of what it is advertising.
Word of Mouth This is a good way to attract viewers because people go by what others say and will believe the feedback therefore go to see or not. If its a popular movie, viewer will be eager to go watch or buy the movie.
Premieres The first performance of a musical or theatrical work or the first showing of a movie. This is a good way to start off word of mouth because you see reviews of other customers.
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