Ch. 8 Skeletal Pt. 1

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skeletal - chapter 8

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axial skeleton forms the central supporting axis of the skeletal system
appendicular skeleton includes the appendages/extremities of the skeletal system
sesamiod bone bones that form within tendons
sutural (wormian) bone bones found in the skull
cranial cavity cavity containing the brain
condyle a rounded knob
facet a smooth, flat, slightly concave or convex articular surface
head the prominent expanded end of a bone
process any bony prominence
crest a narrow ridge
line a slightly raised, elongated ridge
spine a sharp, slender, or narrow process
epicondyle a projection superior to a condyle
trochanter a massive process unique to the femur
tubercle a small, rounded process
tuberosity a rough surface
alveolus a pit or socket
fossa a shallow, broad, or elongated basin
fovea a small pit
sulcus a groove for a tendon, nerve, or blood vessel
foramen a hole through a bone, usually round
canal/meatus a tubular passage or tunnel through a bone
fissure a slit through a bone
sinus spaces or cavities within a bone
calvaria forms the roof and walls of the cranium
anterior cranial fossa part of the skull that accommodates the frontal lobe
middle cranial fossa part of the skull that accommodates the temporal lobe
posterior cranial fossa part of the skull that accommodates the cerebellum
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