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Describe stage one of the Population Pyramid. High birth rate, high death rate, short life expectancy. Examples include a few remote tribes in the tropical rainforest. (concave profile)
Describe stage two of the Population Pyramid. High birth rate. fall in death rate, slightly longer life expectancy. Examples include Bangladesh and Nigeria. (pyramid shaped)
Describe stage three of the Population Pyramid. Declining birth rate, declining death rate, more people living to old age. Examples are many LEDC's such as India, Brazil and Mexico.
Describe stage four of the Population Pyramid. Low birth rate, low death rate, longer life expectancy. Examples include many MEDC's such as the UK, France, USA and Japan. Few LEDC's have reached this stage. (Oval/Hill shaped).
List 6 reasons for an aging population. Women having children older. Average age of the first marriage is increasing. Higher proportion of women in employment. Healthier diets. High GDP. High quality of life.
Why has China got a one child policy? Over population causes housing shortages, lack of school places and food shortages. over population causes aging population, slow economy and limited amount of jobs so china manage it with 1 child policy. Means population is sustainable.
What are 3 reasons for a declining population? Natural disasters. War. Improved contraception.
What are 3 reasons why a populations can be balanced? High birth rate and high death rate. Low birth rate and low death rate. Stability.
What are 3 reasons why populations increase? High birth rate and low death rate. Lack of birth control. Improvement of medical health-care.
Why has Singapore got a Pro-Natal policy? Singapore had a declining population and the government was worried that there would be no one to pay for health-care and taxes in the future.
What is birth-rate? Birth-rate is the number of babies born alive for every 1000 people in one year.
What is death-rate? Death-rate if the number of people who die for every 1000 people in one year.
What is natural increase? Natural Increase is the number of people added to, or lost from the population for every 1000 people in one year.
List advantages of China's one child policy. Prevented 400 million births. Population is more stable. Reduced amount of population growth.
List disadvantages of China's one child policy. Wealthy people are able to pay the fines for having more than one child. Government has lack of control due to economy growth. 37 Million more men than women as men believed to be better than women.
List 3 disadvantages of Mexico's youthful population. Large number of people are unable to find work so migrate to USA. More pressure put on the education system as more places are required. Increase in crime and poverty among the unemployed.
List three advantages of Mexico's youthful population. Children can look after their parents so less money is spent of care for the elderly. Improvements in the health sector have led to more vaccines being available to children reducing infant mortality. Large, active workforce available for economic growth.
Describe stage two (early expanding) of the Demographic Transition model. Death rate: Falling due to improved medicine, water and sanitation. Birth rate: high due to lack of birth control, low age of marriage and needed for income. Rate of natural increase: less are dying but more are being born. Examples: Bangladesh and Nigeria.
Describe stage one (high stationary) of the Demographic Transition model. Death rate: High due to disease, famine, conflict, lack of clean water and lack of medicine. Birth rate: High due to low age of marriage, lack of birth control, children needed to work for more income. Rate of natural increase: High death rate cancels out high birth rate. examples: remote tropical rainforest.
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