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communication idioms

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chinese whispers This expression refers to a process by which a message or piece of information (especially gossip, rumours or scandalous news) is passed on from one person to another, and changes along the way, so that the final version is often very different from the original.
drop someone a line If you drop someone a line, you write a letter to them.
get hold of If you obtain something, or manage to contact someone, you get hold of them.
get/give the low-down If you get or give the low-down, you get or give complete information or facts about something.
hear through the grapevine If you hear of something through the grapevine, you learn about it informally, for example through friends or colleagues.
hit the airwaves When someone hits the airwaves, they go on radio and/or TV to be interviewed or to promote something.
hot off the press If a news article, for example, is hot off the press, it has just been published and contains the most recent information on the subject.
keep someone posted If someone asks you to keep them posted, they want you to keep them informed about a situation.
megaphone diplomacy If the media, through press releases, interviews and announcements, is instrumental in facilitating dialogue between two or more countries, this is called megaphone diplomacy.
out of touch If you are out of touch, you no longer communicate with someone, or you are unaware of recent developments.
put someone in the picture If you give somebody all the information necessary to enable them to fully understand a situation, you put them in the picture.
speed networking This term refers to a relatively new urban trend which consists in making a potential business contact by briefly talking to a series of people at an organised event and exchanging contact details.
spread like wildfire If something such as news, rumours or gossip spreads like wildfire, it becomes widely known very fast.
stool pigeon A person who acts as an informer, especially one who gives information to the police or the authorities, is called a stool pigeon.
on the stump Before an election, when politicians are campaigning for support and votes, they are on the stump.
touch base If you touch base with someone, you make contact or renew communication with them.
word of mouth Information passed on through conversation is transmitted by word of mouth.
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