Ag Sales: Psychology of Closing

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Most painful part of the sales presentation. Closing
Psychology of closing: be confident close PROMPTLY focus on dominant buying motive handle tough points involve prospect ask for order recognize signals
Verbal Clues How soon can you deliver it? I really like this feature.
Nonverbal Clues Body movement facial expression tone of voice prospect studies product intently
Six major requirements for closing 1. plan your close 2. offer what customer wants 3. product must improve the PAIN 4. customer must trust you 5. customer must enjoy benefits 6. develop sales personality
Five closing techniques 1. invitational close 2. assumption close 3. puppy dog close 4. ben franklin close 5. order sheet close
Personality determines what percent of close? 80%
At the end of your presentation, you issue a direct invitation to buy. Invitational
Ask prospect to consider the PROs and CONs Ben Franklin
Begin by asking a confirming question. Direct conversation towards ownership, payment and delivery. Assumption
A fast and effective close when an order is involved. The more information the prospect gives you and allow you to write down, the more committed he/she becomes to buying. Order Sheet
Take it, try it, before the customer makes a decision. Puppy Dog
Dealing with Price resistance. 1. Do not bring up price in beginning 2. No given enough evidence that benefits outweigh cost 3. Be proud of your price
How to confirm the sale. thank them remind them of benefits reassure them they made a good decision
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