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What are the factors that change with age Strength Oxygen Capacity Suppleness Experience Skill Level Injury Recovery SOSESI
Why is a gymnasts peak age around 15? Because this is when they have the right balance of strength and flexible. Young = Flexible Older = Stronger
What are the factors that differ between genders? Metabolic Rate Maturity Rates Menstruation Physique Oxygen Capacity Power Suppleness
What is competitive activity? A contest or rivalry that requires high levels of commitment and focus to maximize potential.
What is recreational activity? Less demanding than competitive activity to provide amusement and relaxation
What are the four types of disability? With examples... Physical eg. broken bones Mental eg. bi-polar Temporary eg. sprain Permanent eg. blindness
What facilities are needed to cater for disabilities? With examples... ACCESS Automatic doors and ramps PARKING Wide bays near the entrance PROVISION Lifts to upper floors and disabled toilets
What is pre season training? Time before competition to develop fitness, skill and tactics
What is peak season training? Time to maintain optimal performance for the competition
What is post season training? Time for physical recovery and mental break from competition
What are the environmental factors that affect training? Weather - rain storms and wind Humidity - makes cooling the body hard Altitude - High altitude = air less dense Terrain - landscape like snow and coasts Pollution - Air born waste products
How do you overcome environmental factors? Travel to another environment Attend new facilities Change environment or clothing eg. studs on soft ground
Define risk The potential for injury or harm
Define challenge Test of skill, ability or mental toughness
What are the reasons for participating in risky and challenging activity Personal challenge Escapism
What are the three somatotypes? Mesomorph Ectomorph Endomorph
What is a mesomorph and what are they good at? Wide shoulders Narrow hips Lots of muscle, little fat Good at ring gymnastics
What is an ectomorph and what are they good at? narrow shoulders narrow hips little muscle, little fat Good at high jump because little weight
What is an endomorph and what are they good at? Narrow shoulders Wide hips Lots of fat, some muscle Good at sumo wrestling
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