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Black Death 1348
The Great Plague 1665
Chadwick's 'Report on the Sanitary Conditions of the Labouring Population' 1842
The 1st Public Health Act 1848
The 2nd Public Health Act 1875
Pasteur's Germ Theory 1861
Pasteur's Chicken Cholera Vaccine 1879
Harvey's 'Anatomical Account of the Motion of the Heart and Blood' 1628
Vesalius' 'Fabric of the Human Body' 1543
John Snow maps out deaths due to Cholera Outbreak 1854
Bazalgette's work on London's sewerage system 1853-4
London's Metropolitan Board of Works established 1856
Jenner's Smallpox Vaccination 1796
Smallpox completely eradicated 1980
Snow's 'On the Mode of Communication of Cholera' 1849
The Great Stink 1858
Crimean War begins 1853
Nightingale Training School for Nurses set up at St Thomas' 1860
Nightingale's 'Notes on Nursing' 1860
Nightingale's 'Notes on Hospitals' 1859
Institut Pasteur established 1888
Koch found the germ that caused Anthrax 1877
Koch discovered the germ that caused Septicaemia 1878
Koch found the germ causing TB 1882
First X-Ray (Wilhelm Rontgen) 1895/6
First use of Radiotherapy (Emil Grubbe) 1899
First CT Scan (Godfrey Hounsfield) 1971
Dialysis (Willen Kolff) 1943
Structure of DNA discovered (Watson and Crick) 1953
Establishment of the NHS July 5th 1948
Liberal Welfare Reforms Starting in 1906
Joseph Lister noticed a bacteria called Penicillin (no evidence) 1872
Lister treats a nurse's infected wound with Penicillin 1884
Fleming sent to France to study soldiers' wounds 1914
Fleming discovers the staphylococci bacteria has disappeared from the petri dish 1928
Fleming writes about Penicillin in a medical journal 1929
Florey and Chain went to America to get funding for reseach 1938
The first test of Penicillin on Albert Alexander 1941
The USA starts mass producing penicillin 1941
Britain mass produce Penicillin 1944
Prescription Charges Introduced 1952
Prescription charges abolished 1965
Prescription charge brought back 1968
Walter Cannon uses a Barium Meal 1896
Henry Dale discovers Histamine 1910
Frederick Banting and Charles Best discover Insulin 1921
Edgar Allen discovers Oestrogen 1923
Ernst Laqueur isolated Testosterone 1935
Invention of the Electron Microscope 1931
Syntex developed Norethisterone which lead to the production of contraceptive pills 1951
Leroy Stevens discovered Stem Cells 1953
Patrick Steptoe developed IVF 1970s
Louise Brown - The first test tube baby 1978
Endoscopes developed 1970s
MRI scans developed 1980s
In the Visible Human project 1986
The Human Genome project 1990s
Gunther Von Hagens performed live dissections on TV 2002
Use of Thalidomide 1950s
Joseph Salk discovered a Polio vaccine 1954
American surgeons implanted electrodes connected into a miniature computed into the visual cortex of a blind man 2002
Salverson 606 developed to treat Syphilis - Paul Ehrlich 1905
Prontosil developed by Domagk 1932
The Printing Press developed 1455
Martin Luther posted his 'Ninety-Five Theses' which began the Protestant Reformation 1517
Ambroise Pare developed ligatures 1570s
Antony van Leeuwenhoek created a superior microscope that magnifies up to 200x 1668
Inoculation first used in Europe - Lady Mary Montague 1721
Industrial Revolution 1830s
Cholera Epidemic 1831
Elizabeth Blackwell becomes the first woman doctor in USA 1847
Doctors' Qualifications had to be regulated 1858
Elizabeth Garrett-Anderson becomes the first female doctor in the UK 1865
The UK government starts to introduce laws against the pollution of rivers, the sale of poor quality food and building regulations were enforced 1876
Isolation hospitals were set up for patients with infectious diseases 1889
Marie Curie discovers radioactive elements radium and polonium 1895
Emergency hospital scheme introduced - Funded and ran by government 1939
National Health Service Act 1946
First kidney transplant (America) 1952
Contraceptive pill introduced 1961
Christiaan Barnard (South Africa) performed the first heart transplant - the patient lived for 18 days 1967
National Organ Donor register created 1994
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