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what is the time signature of a waltz? 3/4
name a famous waltz and its composer The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss
in which city did the waltz originate? Vienna
Which chords are commonly used in waltzes? primary chords (I, IV, V)
what is meant by a slow harmonic rhythm? the chords are repeated for several bars and therefore change slowly.
What type of ensemble would have played in a Viennese ballroom? symphony orchestra
name a composer who wrote lots of waltzes for piano Chopin
What is the main characteristic of a waltz accompaniment? um-cha-cha
describe the dance mixed couples holding each other closely, move around ballroom in circles, three steps, graceful
what is the texture of most waltzes? homophonic (melody and accompaniment)
Which is the strongest beat of the bar in a waltz? first
when waltzes slow down and then speed up this is called... rubato
Johann Strauss
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