Vocabulary 1-3

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Abhor Hate
Bigot Narrow-minded
Counterfeit Fake; false
Enfranchise Give voting rights
Hamper Hinder
Kindle To start a fire
Noxious Harmful; poisonous
Placid Calm; peaceful
Remuneration Payment for work done
Talisman Lucky charm
Abrasive Rough; course
Bilk Cheat; defraud
Covert Hidden; undercover
Engender Cause
Hangar Storage area for planes
Knotty Complex; difficult to solve
Nuance Something subtle
Plagiarism Taking credit for another's work
Renown Fame
Tangent Going off the main subject
Abasement Humiliation
Billowing Swelling; fluttering
Cower Recoil in fear
Enhance To improve
Harangue Noisy; attacking speech
Labyrinth Maze
Nullify To counter; make unimportant
Plaintiff Petitioner
Replete Full
Tangible Can be touched
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