ICT AS Note's - 4.1.6 (B) - Use of ICT in Education

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In this topic it will descus about what ICT uses can be used in Education with it's advantages & Disadvantages.

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What is Meant by CAL in ICT Education Systems? 1.) CAL - Computer Aided Learning. 2.) This has it's advantages as more people can easily access information about topics like these revision cards.
What is Meant by CBT in ICT Education Systems? 1.) CBT - Computer Based Training. 2.) Has the advantage of you can learn nearly anything of the internet now.
What is Meant by VLE's in ICT Education Systems? 1.) VLE - Virtual Learning Environment 2.) These are things that are like conference calls but allow people to work with others at the same time.
Give other examples of different ICT Methods in ICT Education Systems? (Think of examples with these Methods) 1.) Distance Learning 2.) Video Conferencing 3.) E-Learning (Online learning or Internet Researching) 4.) Chat Rooms 5.) Revision Programs 6.) Authoring Software 7.) Interactive Whiteboards 8.) Specialist Hardware (For Disabled)
Give Advantages of different ICT Methods in ICT Education Systems: 1.) Allows Greater interactivity, which holds pupils attention. 2.) Allows quicker feedback on things like online tests. 3.) More Dynamic learning due to it offering a variety of different ways to learn. 4.) Allows users to work at there own pace. 5.) Allows users to go over past work. 6.) CBT - significantly reduces costs for employers. 7.) cuts down on travelling for staff or pupils. 8.) Disabled users can carry on with learning.
Give Disadvantages of different ICT Methods in ICT Education Systems: 1.) There is a Lack of collaborative learning. 2.) Users Need to be self motivated. 3.) There is Lack of social interaction. 4.) The Cost of installation and maintenance. (must be well qualified) 5.) Work / life balance of teacher. 6.) Can have Communication failure. 7.) The Inequality of learning experience. (them and us)
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