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4 data types Text,Still and Moving Images,Numbers, Sound
List manual input devices Keyboard Mouse Concept Keyboards Touch Screen Graphics Tablet Speech recognition
List automatic input devices Card readers RFID Scanners OMR OCR Barcode readers MICR Webcam Camera Sound and Video input
How can input devices be adapted for people with disabilites? The pointer speed of the mouse can be adjusted Speed of mouse clicks can be adjusted Buttons on mouse can be set for right or left handed people A large trackball can be used for a mouse A foot mouse can be used
What five things should you think about when deciding on an input device? Type of data Volume of data User preferences Cost considerations Where device will be used
List output devices Screens and monitors (CRT,LCD,Projector,Plasma screens,Smart Board) Printers (Laser,Inkjet,Dot Matrix) Plotters Speakers
How can output devices be changed to help people with disabilities? Increasing font size Adjusting screen resolution Magnifying the display Adjusting colour contrasts Using sound output rather than visual Keywords to describe graphics
Choosing type of monitor or screen,what should be considered? Kind of image to be viewed Where to be viewed Who to view Internet access
Choosing type of printer,what should be considered? What is to be printed How many documents What kind of media Who is to use it
Reasons to store data Basic setup information and OS are required for computer to function Application software needs to be available to carry out tasks Files need to be stored so they can be used again Data may need to be transferred Backup copies need to be taken
What is file compression? It allows file sizes to be made smaller. It can reduce transmission time or allows more data to be fitted on to any storage medium.
What are the types of storage? Magnetic storage Hard Disks Floppy Disks Optical storage Flash memory Online storage (cloud)
What is important to think about when using removable storage? Volume of data to be stored Reason why data is being stored Whether data will need to be rewritten Speed of recovery Physical size of device
What is the role of the OS? Manages memory when computer is carrying out more than one task Allocates processor time Controls where data is stored Communicates with input and output devices Handles errors System security,user and file permissions
What are the different types of application software? Text Number Picture Video Sound Multimedia
What is included in a H&S risk assessment? Identify the hazards the user is exposed to Identify the risks the hazard can produce Put safety precautions in place Train workers to deal with any risks left Check situation regularly to make sure it hasn't become worse Encourage staff to report any h&s problems
What are the four risks in the display screen equipment regulations? Back pain RSI Eye strain Stress
How can risks associated with back pain be reduced? Adjustable chairs Adjustable monitors Adjustable keyboard Enough work space for documents Regular breaks
What is a perfect workstation?
How can risks associated with RSI be reduced? Ensure workstation and chair are correct height Use wrist rests Keep elbows close to sides Regular breaks
How can risks associated with eye strain be reduced? Monitors that dont flicker Blinds at windows Suitable lighting Screen filter Regularly look away from screen and focus on something else Regular breaks Regular eye tests
How can risks associated with stress be reduced? Regular communication between staff and managers Training schemes Checking of staffs workload Have relaxed time at home Tell boss if feeling under pressure Ask for help
How can software design improve health and safety? Background and font colours/sizes shouldn't cause eye strain Logical menu layouts to reduce RSI Interaction controls and screen icons Keyboard shortcuts Macros to reduce key presses Accept input from a variety of devices Help options
What is involved with the analysis stage of SDLC? Identifying problems Identifying client requirements Identifying input,processing,output
How could you identify client requirements? Interview Questionnaire Existing paperwork Observations
What would you find out from the current system? How users interact with current system How other systems interact with current system What is good about current system What causes problems in current system Which parts of system are critical to business
What do you say about the proposed new system? What the new system is expected to do How the new system is expected to do this What people want from the new system Which parts of the old system should be incorporated into the new system
What 3 type of diagrams would be used to show results from analysis stage? System diagrams Data flow diagrams Process diagrams
What is involved in the design stage of the SDLC? Project planning System requirements specification Data dictionary Testing documentation Prototyping
What is project planning? Project planning is about handling people;how many,where and when they are needed. in addition these people will need resources to carry out their jobs.
What is included in the system requirements specification? Data capture methods for the system Data inputs to system Data outputs from system Data processing File structure for data storage
What is the data dictionary? It defines: tables,fields,records and relationships constants,variables and data structures validation that is required query structures
What is included in the testing documentation? A test plan is written at this stage to test the key parts of the system once it has been developed.
What is prototyping? A prototype is something that represents what you will finally create without having to worry about all the details.
What is developed in the implementation stage? Table and data structure Validation routines Data capture forms Data input forms Automated processing routines Queries User interface Printing outputs
What is a beta tester? A tester who tests the system against the client requirements and makes sure it follows everything in the system spec.
What is an alpha tester? An alpha tester makes sure the system is user friendly,they have had no involvement in the development of the system.
What is the role of the test plan? The beta testers use this to test all parts of the system. They use this exactly ,entering all data specified on the plan.
What three types of data should be tested? Normal data Extreme data Erroneous data
What are the 4 different types of installation? Direct Parallel Phased Pilot
What is the direct method of installation? This is where the company switches off the old system and switches on the new one.
What is the parallel method of installation? This runs both systems at the same time. Once the organisation is sure that the new system is working properly they will make the decision to fully change over.
What is the phased method of installation? This is where the old system is in place but parts of the new system are brought online. Once any problems have been corrected with these parts of the new system more parts will be added.
What is the pilot method of installation? This is where the complete new system is tested out in certain departments or branches.
What is another essential part of the installation stage? Staff training
What 4 questions should be asked at the evaluation stage? Does the solution do what it is supposed to? Does it do it in the way it was supposed to? Is the solution an effective one? If not,what would make the solution an effection one?
What are the 3 types of maintenance? Corrective Adaptive Perfective
What is corrective maintenance? This is where problems are identified with system after installation. This is then corrected by the team and retested to make sure the problem is solved.
What is adaptive maintenance? This happens due to external changes or strategic changes in the company. e.g. VAT rate
What is perfective maintenance? Over time,the user will find small tweaks or changes that will help improve the systems running. The system stays running while these changes are being made.
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