Jobs of the Future

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Corporate Disrupter Studies related to Business Administration. Stay tuned to all the news and trends in the business world. Experience as an entrepreneur and in start-ups would be essential.
Food Chemist Knowledge and experience in chemistry and the kitchen. It is essential to keep abreast of the latest technological and culinary trends.
Virtual Currency Speculator Knowledge of and experience in the financial markets as well as new technologies, currencies and online payment methods.
Animal Migration Engineer Knowledge of engineering and biology. Stay tuned to all the trends and developments in these sectors, primarily biology.
Technology Detox Therapist Knowledge of psychology and expertise in new technologies. Studying the impact of technology in humans.
Hackschooling Expert Knowledge of teaching and, above all, an awareness of the trends of educational technologies.
Digital Architects A degree and experience in Architecture. It is essential to have a passion for new technologies, to be an early-adopter and stay abreast of industry trends. You should devote any academic research to examining how new technology can be utilised by architects.
Specialist in Foetus Medicine Study medicine and specialise as much is possible in foetus development. In this case, there is little more you can do unless you have the ability to research in this field.
Privacy Advisor Computer skills, programming and, again, keep abreast of all the technological advances.
Personal Curator of Content Read, read, read. Stay tuned to blogs and new applications. Have a blog of your own and be active in social networks.
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