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Set of flashcards to help you prepare for the final objective exam in Introduction to Web Design.

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The code used to create all webpages HTML
A group of formatting instructions that enable you to easily apply formats to specific items on your Web pages. Controls the “look” of elements. CSS
A Dreamweaver panel that displays properties for the currently selected object. Property Inspector Panel
A panel in Dreamweaver that shows categories from which to insert objects into a Web page. Insert Panel
A collection of web pages and other objects, such as images, that are linked to create a resource about a specific subject. website
A program that enables a user to view and move among pages on the World Wide Web. (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) browser
The first page of a Website, displayed when the website is accessed. Always saved as index.html or default.html. home page
An automated process that provides steps for setting up your website in Dreamweaver before you begin working. Site Definition Wizard
A characteristic that is applied to an HTML tag (for example, id= or class=) attribute
An HTML tag used to indicate the end of an element closing tag
The view in Dreamweaver that shows the HTML Code View
The document window in Dreamweaver that shows the page similar to how it will look in the browser Design View
The name of an HTML tag – the first word following the bracket element
Section of your code that contains important information needed to display your page such as the title, character set, keywords, meta tags, and CSS <head>
Words that describe your site content added to a meta tag keywords
An HTML tag that starts a new line without leaving space between paragraphs line break
An HTML tag that identifies the start of a new element opening tag
Special symbols like the copyright symbol © coded as &copy; HTML entities
Collection of fonts that can be applied to text on a webpage font family
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