Chemistry metals and non metals

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Everything is made up of... ...particles
The simplest type of particle is an... ...atom
Elements are... Pure substances made of only one type of atom
Each element has a Symbol and is listed on the periodic table
Elements can be divided into two broad categories Metals and nonmetals
On the periodic table the groups go and the periods go The groups go down and the periods go across
Physical properties include things like Melting and boiling points, ductility conductivity hardness magnetism etc
Metals are found on the left hand side of the periodic table and have the following properties Ductile malleable high Melting and boiling points except Mercury shiny sonorous dense conduct heat and electricity 3 metals namely cobalt nickel and iron are magnetic
Non-metals are found on the right hand side of the periodic table and have the following properties Good electrical insulator except graphite good thermal insulators dull low melting and boiling point nonmagnetic generally low density there are exceptions to this rule
Metal can react with nonmetals to form Compounds
A compound is when Two or more different atoms are chemically joined together
Metal oxide is when a metal Reacts with oxygen
Metal sulphides is made when a metal Reacts with sulphur
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