Social Influence and Inta-group Processes

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Social Influence and Intra-group Processes

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In Milgram, how many participants went past to and past 370v? In Milgram, how many participants went past to and past 370v
Why could Milgram's results be dismissed? Because of the studies low ecological validity, as it was set in (prestigious) Yale University
What is a theory for people obeying in Milgram's study? Agentic Shift (Agency Theory)
What is Agentic Shift? A person stops taking responsibility for their own actions, as they see themselves as an instrument of someone else's actions
During Agentic Shift Morality does not disappear and the person may feel bad for what they are doing but be unable to stop
Social Identity interpretation of Milgram's results The participant felt that they and the experimenter were and in-group (scientists) and the learner was not (out-group)
Russell (2011) An ideology creates aggressive behaviour towards others. E.g. Milgram's participants weren't shocking the learners, they were improving their capacity to learn
Zimbardo - Role Theory If you are in a role which can be left when necessary, we are able to blame our behaviour on the role, if it is apart from our usual nature
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