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Title I think the title of my film opening would be the first thing to attract the audience. I think the title doesn't give much away and so people will therefore want to see the film to see what its all about. I think One Track Mind is also a good catchy title that people would remember.
Actor As my film is targeted at quite a young audience of 18-25 I think that having an actor who is around the same age would appeal to them. The main character looks and acts to be around the same age so I feel the audience would enjoy this more than if the main character was 40 for example. It would attract them more.
Storyline I feel my storyline is very unique and something that would definitely attract an audience. I think that gritty realism films are quite unusual and films with OCD and crime together are not something that are advertised at cinemas. I therefore think the new idea and storyline of my film would definitely attract an audience.
Film opening I think the film opening I've made is a main thing that would attract the audience to watch more. It leaves so many questions to be answered such as: what happened with the body? What will happen to the girl? And how many more victims will there be? Its not clear where the film will end which is something that would hook the audience.
Music I think the soundtracks playing in my film opening would attract the audience as they add a bit more excitement to the film. They change with the pace and action and are something I think my young target audience would really enjoy.
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