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The Opening Weekend Date in which the film is open to the public in cinemas, the film will typically gain the most amount of revenue at this time.
The importance of reviews Word of mouth is the most influential form of marketing, people read a good review from someone they’re more likely to go see that film.
Festivals and Awards Films get nominated for awards in film festivals (Sun Dance), the films which get awards for certain areas get a lot of publicity.
Technological Convergence Many forms of media are available on one device, (smart phone). It allows advertisement to the audience and and they can access the product.
Technological Synergy When a game or soundtrack comes out at the same time as the film to boost awareness and sales for both products.
Types of Cinema * i Max * Multiplex * Art house Different ways to enhance the experience of cinema: bigger screen, sofas in the cinema, multiple screens. Art house specializes in artistic films.
Democratisation of Film & Fan Power The Filmmaker makes films based on what the fans like and fans have the power to get producers to change things. Comic-con is used to test these ideas.
Piracy Downloading or streaming the film illegally for free. Lacks the experience of cinema (low quality), bad for Indie producers.
Subscription Services & Video on Demand Monthly payments to a site which lets you watch all of the films they have available.
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