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Media Cards to help with revision for key concepts of magazines.

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Puffs Puffs are the little boxes that appear on the front cover of a magazine. They often include sub-headlines that would interest the target audience.
Dominant Image The dominant image is the main image of a magazine. It often involves a person staring directly at the audience so that it includes the audience.
Masthead The masthead is the main title of the magazine. It's often bold and is relevant to the magazine.
Target Audience The target audience is the group of people that the magazine is targeted at. It will be specific, and the magazine will include many articles that will interest the target audience.
Sell Lines Sell lines are what get the audience to buy the magazine. They will include audience specific articles that will interest the target audience.
Layout Layout is how everything is set out in a magazine. It should be easy to follow, so the audience doesn't lose interest or lose track of what they are reading.
Colour Scheme The colour scheme is what colours are used in the magazine. In an audience profile, it would often include what colours the audience likes, so that it would be aesthetically pleasing to the audience.
Anchorage Text Anchorage text is often what is known as a caption, or the piece of text under a picture. They give added information to a picture to explain what is happening.
Slogan The slogan goes with the masthead. It will often claim that the magazine is unique or special and that the audience should buy it.
Price The price is the cost of the magazine. It will normally be reasonably priced towards the target audience.
Skyline/strapline The skyline is what runs along the top of the magazine. It will include key sell lines and interest the reader and draw their attention to important articles. Alternatively, you can get the strapline, which runs along the bottom of the magazine.
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