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Amendment Small Change in the Constitution Adjusting it to make it better
Assimilate To understand or take in To grasp onto an idea or a topic to understand.
Bias To favor or support one group or another person more than the other due to experience or relationship
Bicameral Two branches or Houses in the Government
Blockade To trap inside or not let out or in an area
Boomtown A city improving in size and value extremely fast
Capitalism The system where used by The United States of America government. Controls trade and industry
Captain of Industry Business man who was fair with workers and was a hard worker who never treated any man nor women wrong in deals or trade.
Checks and Balances When each branch of government has power over the other and keeps them in check and sturdy
Congress America's national legislative group Discussions and ideas are talked about and presented here
Due process of law No citizen can be denied his or her individual rights.
Economics The distribution of money and products in our economy
Emaciated To be not allowed to eat and really thin
Enfranchise Give the right to vote
Enumerated Not listed
Federalism National, city, and state governments who do desperate things.
Forty-Niners People who came to California for gold and wealth in 1849
Free Enterprise Allowing private companies to do whatever they choose
Habeus corpus The right to see a judge or court trial fast
Industry The business of manufacturing goods and shipping them to other companies
Judicial Branch of government were if a law is broken they are taken to court and Judge on it
Ku Klux Klan Group of American terrorists who believed blacks had no rights and southern ways were correct
Manifest destiny. The adventure out west to catch the American dream and gain money
Martyr Someone Who would die for religious cause
Monopoly When one business or another combine and become too powerful for our economy
Nomadic Nomad lifestyle. No home no way of life
Override To overrule or deny something
Popular sovereignty The people of the government source of power
Ratify To approve
Radical Extreme
Republicanism Principles of the republican party
Robber Baron A leader of his company who is not fair to his workers and is cruel
Rural Outside the city country type feel area
Separation of powers One group of the government has power over the other separating the powers
Social Darwinism People must fight in the economic world to be successful and adapt
Suffrage To not allowed to vote
Supreme Court The highest court in all the land nine Judges
Tariff Duties is your customs one must show
Taxation without representation George was still taxing Americans even know they left the continent of Europe and we can came to America
Trade union Group of workers or union who form together to get something they want done
Urban City like feel to a place where more industrial type products are made
Veto To deny or cancel
Declaration of Independence Signed in 1776 this document announced freedom from Britain and gave us our own nation
Thomas Jefferson Founding father, author of the Declaration of Independence and saw huge things for America
Andrew Johnson President during reconstruction and was known as veto president for always vetoing bills.
Andrew Jackson Seventh US President was considered a common man and was very rebellious in like to fight
Sacajawea Helped Lewis and Clark travel across United States and find a river from Missouri to the Pacific ocean and help them eat and survive
James Polk US president who gained us tons of land from other countries and wanted to expand our are you as president who gained us tons of land from other countries our nation
Frederick Douglass Slave who was a huge towards the abolish of slavery and led many speeches and groups
Harriet Beecher Stowe Wrote Uncle Toms Cabin and influenced many and showed many how awful slavery really was.
John Brown Abolitionist Who was from Kansas and wanted to free all slaves. Harpers Ferry raid
Robert E. Lee Confederate general who led his army to many victories and was a proud Virginia man
Susan B Anthony Women's rights leader who believe women were equal to men big lead in women's rights
Sitting Bull Chief of the Lakota tribe. Was a huge part of Indian American war
George Custer Leader of the Army. Fought against the Lakota tribe and sitting bull and died during the battle
Cornelius Vanderbilt One of the men who started our nation. Owned all railroads and was a captain of industry.
John Rockefeller John was a captain of industry who owned standard oil and was the richest man to ever live in America.
Andrew Carnegie Largest steel meal owner in America. Had more money than most. Helped others out but was unfair.
Revolutionary War The war that granted us freedom from Britian and got us to be our own free country.
Articles of Confederation Original Piece of writing that ruled how our nation was going to work but was weak.
Great Compromise. Compromise that helped us get out of the war against each other of who got what land.
Passing of the Constitution The Constitution gave us our rights and are ways of life we followed it every day and must keep doing that to keep our nation running
Adding to the bill of rights The Bill of Rights was added to ensure that people would get the things they wanted in laws would be upheld
Louisiana Purchase Land purchased from French that expanded our nation a lot.
Missouri Compromise The Missouri compromise allowed any state under the 36 30 lines of latitude.
Indian removal act Andrew Johnson said that we could have a bigger nation of we moved all the Indians so he did.
Mexican American war War between Mexico and America between over Texas and who gets that land. And California
California gold rush The California cold was in 49 and many people went to California for gold.
Homestead act The homestead act allowed people to stay at their homes and love where they wanted in the States.
Industrial revolution The great increase in Industrial improvements and many people had many new improvements
Underground Railroad the underground railroad was a path taken to transport slaves to the North
Seneca Falls Convention Huge women rights convention in Seneca falls new york
Compromise of 1850 Replaced the Missouri compromise and gained land from Mexican American war was free land
Kansas-Nebraska Act Kansas was a free state and so was Nebraska and this was the result of this act
Dredd Scott Vs. Sanford Dredd Scott wen to the supreme court to see if he was a free man because he lived in a free state
Fugitive Slave act any escaped slave will be returned to their owner without question
Bleeding Kansas many battles were fought to see if Kansas was a free state or slave state
Civil War The war fought to decide if north and south could become one nation again
Emancipation Proclamation Freed all slaves in the south and didn't free the slaves of the border states
Civil War Drafts Drafts held to get people into the civil war so we can have more troops
Gettysburg Address Abe Lincolns speech about the war and who was going to win and what was going to happen
Reconstruction The reconstruction of our nation after the civil war and we were rebuilding
Civil war amendements 13th, 14th and 15th amendments
Completion of the transcontinental railroad the railroad that went all the way across the nation and many new cities went huge.
Indian Wars The Indian wars are wars fought over Indian territories
Gilded Age The Gilded age was a time when we were booming our industry and many people opened new businesses and many became rich
Populist Party The party started in Kansas that was meant for farmers who could fight for evenness
Plessy V. Ferguson A fair trial between whites and blacks where fair trials were held and many were satisfied
Jamestown first settlement in America
Plymouth First religious settlement, pilgrims
Lexington and Concord First battle of revolutionary war
Erie Canal Canal across New York
The alamo battle in Texas that was fought between Mexicans an Americans
Harpers Ferry John Brown led a raid to harpers ferry to lead a slave rebellion.
Fort Sumter Where the first battle of the civil war took place.
Gettysburg Bloodiest battle in civil war
Appromattix Courthouse General Robert E. Lee surrendered the war.
Fords Theature Abe Lincoln got shot in the fords theater and John Wilkes booth did it there.
Promontory Point Where the two trains met from east and west in the middle.
Ellis and Angel Island The two main immigration places where people are going to come to America.
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