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partner ship in redemption both amir and sohraya are seeking redemption forpast sins which makes then understand each other and make them both beable to forgive eachother
'a way to be good again' amirs story is encapsulated in rahims offer. It is the desire to make up for the events of his childhood and the fear of what it might cost him-
The need to return amir returns to afghan to redeem himself and make up for the person he always wanted to be. He is symbolically recuing Hassan from bullies
remorse "i want you to understand that good, real good, was born out of your fathers remorse"- makes us realise that the "legend" amir saw was driven by remorse over Hassan's parentage which allows him to equate his own guilt with his fathers to make him feel closer
Baba and amir Baba fixes his feeling on amir because of sofia and hassans, amir tries to mend this. the relationship is reconciled when baba sees amir grow into a man.
Hassan From Amirs descriptions it seems that ali has a closer relationship with Hassan than baba has with amir. The fact that Hassan does know about baba's parentage means he can grow up with the guilt.
stories as symbols the stories between amir and Hassan are about friendship and morals. The unltimate redemption. Sohraya starts to read Amir's stories which starts off their relationship.
religion Baba passed on his liberal attitude which causes him to be bullied which is causing him problems in afghanistan
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