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Genetic Engineering When the characteristics of an organism are changed by manipulating its genetic material.
Embryo Testing When embryos are tested for genetic factors such as genetic diseases.
Cloning Producing genetically identical copies of an organism.
Fertility Treatment A form of medical assistance given to a couple who are unable to procreate/ have children.
Euthanasia A "gentle" or "easy" death.
Suicide When a person ends their own life- sometimes called "self- murder"
Animal Testing Using animals to develop new drugs to cure human diseases, or using animals to test drugs on.
Abortion The deliberate termination of a pregnancy through the removal and destruction of the foetus.
Medical Ethics A system of moral principles that apply values and judgments to the practice of medicine.
Embryo Research Using embryos for scientific research so that they can be used to treat medical conditions.
A clone An individual organism which is producing asexually from one another to which they are genetically identical.
Stem cell research An example of therapeutic cloning.
Reproductive Cloning When an cloned embryo is re-implanted into a woman and allowed to grow into a baby. Human reproduce cloning is not allowed in the UK.
Pacifism The views that violence is always wrong
Just war theory Begins with Aquinas and Augustine. It specifies the conditions for judging if it is just to go to war.
Justice Fair treatment
Social justice A system is which all people are treated equally
Capital Punishment The death penalty
Social injustice A system where people are not treated equally or fairly
Sexism Treating someone differently because of their gender
Examples of sexism Refusing someone a job because of their gender Believing someone is less intelligent because of their gender
Reconciliation Restoring friendly relationships
Why equality is important Religion teaches that al, people are of equal worth God demands justice and fairness
Criminal Someone who has committed a crime
How Christians may work for social justice Giving to charities Petitions
Reform Making someone into a better person
Retribution Paying someone back for what they have done
Deterrrence Making sure the crime is not repeated by someone else
Deterrence Making sure the crime is not repeated by others
Protection Making sure society is kept safe from the criminal
Restoration Allowing someone to put right the harm that they have caused
How Christians may put concept of justice into practice They may try to live fairly, e,g by the ten commandments Campaign against social injustice by demonstrating Help victims of social injustice in practical ways, e.g giving to charity
Re-marriage The act of marrying again after divorce or being widowed
Equality Treating all people the same regardless of their differences.
Examples of inequality Paying people different wages for the same job. Treating people differently because of their age, gender or race
Importance of reconciliation Helps overcome anger and encourage forgiveness-jesus taught message of forgiveness
Just War A war that is fought in a moral way.
Prejudice An opinion or attitude which is not based on evidence
Examples of racism Apartheid Segregation Refusing someone a job because of their race
Marriage The legal joining of a man and a woman
Suicide Self murder
Differences between active and passive euthanasia Active euthanasia is when someone does something to deliberately end someone's life .e.g overdosing on medicine Passive euthanasia is when someone does not directly take someone's life, but just allows it to end.e.g. By not giving the medicine required for the patient to live.
Abortion The deliberate termination of a pregnancy
Divorce The legal ending of a marriage
Reasons for seeking a divorce Adultery Physical abuse Emotional abuse
Contraception Birth control/ preventing conception
Racism Discriminating against someone because of their race
Examples of prejudice Stereotyping Believing someone is less intelligent because of their race
Examples of discrimination Women not being allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia because of their gender Not offering someone a job because you think they are not capable because of their race.
Civil Partnership A legal status giving a "same sex" couple identical rights and responsibilities to a heterosexual civil marriage.
Civil Marriage One which does not involve religion
Secular Not religious
Ways in which animals are used for medical research Test drugs Genetic experiments
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