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what is a project? temporary endeavor with defined beginning and end, to meet unique goals and objectives, to bring about beneficial change or added value
what is the project management triangle or constraint triad consist of? Scope, cost, schedule all constrain center of Quality = Performance
what is the project lifecycle? Initiation--> Planning/Desing--> Execution--> Monitor/Control--> Closing
what is PMBOK? Project Managmeent Body of Knowledge
what happens during project initiation? Clarify goals/requirements, align project with goals/work of org/ develop project charter and approve it before planning
what happens during Project Planning What is defined, How is defined, And How Much !!!
What is the Project Charter? Final Product of project initiation usually includes a blue print for project that inlcl udes team requirements, goals, objectives, business case, and stakeholder identification
what is the work breakdown structure? subdivides deliverables into smaller chunks, contains project subprojects, major deliverables, subdeliverables, and work packages
what dictates the type and number of resources needed for a project? Requirements - functional, business, technical, time constrainst
what is a fishbone/herringbone/ishikawa diagram identifies causes for an outcome , effect, or problem. head = problem and work backwards to identify possible causes/contributory factors
what two activities are Ishikawa/fishbone diagrams useful for? Project Planning and Failure analysis
what is critical path analysis? use 3 elements to calculate 3 variables WBS, time for each, dependencies --> longest path, earliest activity can start, and the latest an activity can finish without making project duration longer.
What is the Critical Path in a Critical Path Analysis? Sequence of project activities that result in the longest overall duration of the project which equals the shortest possible time to completion of the project
What happens if an activity is delayed on the critical path for a project? The completion day will be delayed
what is Critical Path Analysis good for? Prioritize activities for time management of the project
how can you shorten the critical path? Prune critical path activities, fast track by parallelism, crash the critical path by adding resources to shorten critical path activities
WHAT is PERT? Project Evaluation and Review Technique - used with critical path method
what is a Gantt chart? Bar chart with project schedule
what are 4 factors that cause projects to fail? Poor communication, Failure to recognize project uncertainty and project risks, customer demands exceed scope, difficulty managing stakeholders
what are the 3 biggest challenges to projects? scope creep, managing expectations, balancing competing priorities
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