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The current system of government in China is Communist
In China, people’s lives are controlled in many ways by government
The art of beautiful writing practiced in China is calligraphy
The official head of state of Japan is the emperor
Taiwan’s wealth comes largely from high-technology industries, manufacturing, and trade
For centuries, most of Mongolia’s people were nomads
The Philippines were once a colony of spain
Because ocean currents and winds affect Japan’s climate, the climate is different in northern and southern Japan
Japan leads the world in _____. imports of finished goods
Japan’s location on the Pacific Ring of Fire brings all of the following except _____. monsoons
The Japanese people place a high value on _____. education
is made up of more than 13,600 islands. indonesia
In mainland southeast Asia, most of the population lives in rural areas
Thailand’s government is trying to preserve one of its most valuable resources by limiting the _____. widespread cutting down of trees
Along Australia’s northeastern coast lies the _____. Great Barrier Reef
capital of the Philippines Manila
the capital of South Korea Seoul
the capital of Laos Vientiane
the capital of Vietnam Hanoi
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