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The different types of movements of the human body.

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Question Answer
Flexion Decrease angle at the joint
Extension Increase angle at the joint
Dorsiflexion Toes brought up
Plantarflexion Toes pointing towards ground
Abduction Moves limb away from midline of body
Adduction Moves limb towards midline of body
Circumduction Combination of: - Flexion - Extension - Abduction - Adduction There is no rotation of the bones at the joint
Rotation Rotation around the long axis of the joint Types: - Lateral / External - Medial / Internal
Pronation - Palm faces posteriorly - Rotation of radius around ulna
Supination - Palm faces anterior - Radius and ulna are parallel
Inversion Sole of foot faces towards midline of body
Eversion Sole of foot faces away from midline of body
Where is the location of the movement during inversion and eversion? In the foot, NOT the ankle