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Scientific energy names and definitions
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What is kinetic energy? Kinetic energy is the energy something has because of its motion. It is work needed to accelerate something of a mass from rest to its stated velocity
What is gravitational energy? Gravitational energy is the potential energy stored in something based on its distance from the Earth
What is sound energy? Sound energy is the movement of energy through a substance like air or water in the form of waves. It is made when a force causes an object or substance to vibrate
What is Hz Hz, hertz. Hertz is a unit of frequency. The number of hertz (Hz) is the number of cycles per second.
In what frequency range can humans hear? 16Hz to 20kHz
What is electrical energy? It is the form of energy made from the flow of electric charge. Electrical energy is created when electrons hop from atom to atom. This is created by magnets.
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