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Lennie Companion of George, Large Heavy slow movements, simple minded, great strength, dreams about the rabbits, helpless and dependant on George.
George Intelligent and loyal to Lennie, Lennie's friend and protector, Long-Suffering but sometimes can be very impatient, the dream with the farm and land and rabbits.
Slim Team Leader, liked and respected in the ranch, a tall man, described as 'prince of the ranch', exceptional skilled when working with the mules, seen as wise knowledgeable and perceptive.
Candy elderly and physically disabled, friendly and likes to gossip, lonely insecure figure, attached to his old dog who Carlson killed, easily intimidated.
Crooks a black old physically disabled man, living alone because he is a black man, often blamed by others due to racist prejudicial beliefs, knowledgeable, cynical about other peoples beliefs and dreams.
Curley's Wife Beautiful and young, the only female, unhappily married to Curley, Desperate to fur-fill her dream as a movie star, flirtatious and seen as a Tart.
Curley 'Glove Fulla' Vaseline', small well built boxer, the boss' son, an aggressive bully, unfriendly to George and Lennie, Jealous and insecure over his wife
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