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Key Terms to Revise for Unit 1 Theory Paper GCSE ICT

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Smart phone A phone offering advanced features (e.g. the ability to send emails)
Smart phone A phone offering advanced features (e.g. ability to send emails)
Multifunctional having the ability to do many different things using the same device
Multifunctional having the ability to do many different things using the same device
SD and SDHC Cards SD cards (flash memory card that stores up to 2GB of data) SDHC cards (flash memory card ideal for video cameras because it stores up to 32GB of data).
SD and SDHC cards SD (type of flash memory card that stores up to 2GB of data) SDHC (type of flash memory card ideal for video cameras because it stores up to 32GB of data)
File format particular code that a file is stored in. Different software and devices use different formats - can cause problems if device cannot decode information
Compatible ability of a device to communicate and share information with another device
Bluetooth allows exchange of data over short distances from fixed and mobile devices. In order for devices to communicate they must be able to understand Bluetooth protocols
WiFi wireless fidelity - similar to Bluetooth in that it is used to exchange data, but signals can travel further distances
GPS navigational system - gives information about directions and distance between current location and specified destination by sending signals to satellites
User interface way in which user interacts with a system such as a computer or mobile phone (e.g. keypad)
Repetitive strain injury damage caused to muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves or joints, because of repeating same action
Etiquette set of rules people try to abide by out of respect for other people around them
Public domain materials available for anyone to use for any purpose (not breaking copyright law)
Desktop computer stationary computer - consisting of tower and separate monitor more powerful and has larger storage capacity than portable computer
Portable computer designed to allow user to use the computer on the move (e.g. laptop)
Specification technical details of a device or system
Primary storage built-in storage designed to be directly accessed by central processing unit (CPU)
Network devices connected together to allow communication and exchange of data
Peripherals external devices connected to a computer (e.g. printer)
Software programs that give instructions to a computer and allow user to carry out different tasks
Future proofing anticipating future developments when you buy something in the hope that it will not go out of date quickly.
Real time actual time during which something takes place, without noticeable delays.
Emoticon use of icons or text to portray mood or facial expression (e.g. when happy)
VoIP technology used to make telephone calls via Internet, usually at a cheaper cost
3G third generation wireless communication allows high speed wireless data transfer
Latency time delay between the moment something is initiated and moment it becomes detectable
Internet service provider company that provides internet access to its customers (e.g. BT)
Social networking sites online community where people can communicate and share information
Link allows users to navigate around a product
Blog shared online journal where people can post diary entries about personal experiences and hobbies
Browser software application for retrieving, presenting and navigating information resources on the World Wide Web
Spam unwanted email sent to lots of recipients at the same time
Protocol set of rules used by computers to communicate with each other across a network
Personalised learning learning tailored towards the individual to allow them to make progress
Collaboratively working together with other people
Information overload having so much information available that users feel overwhelmed when they are unable to take any of it in, possibly leading to stress.
Plagiarism copying someone else's work and presenting it as your own
Virus program designed to cause other programs on a computer to stop working altogether
Fraud tricking someone for personal gain
Peer-to-peer sharing files among groups of people who are logged on to a file-sharing network
Hacker someone who gains unauthorised access to a computer in order to obtain data stored on it
Identity theft crime that involves someone pretending to be another person in order to steal money or obtain other benefits
e-commerce buying and selling goods electronically over the Internet
Globalisation increasing integration of economies and societies around the world, particularly through international trade
Hardware physical parts of a computer system (e.g. CPU)
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