G484 -- Circular motion and oscillations

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Centripetal acceleration Acceleration of an object travelling in circle with a constant speed in a direction towards the centre of the circle
Field A region in which a force operates
Gravitational field strength Force acting per unit mass at a point
Newton's Law of Gravitation The gravitational force of attraction between two bodies is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them
Kepler's 3rd Law The period of a planet squared is proportional to the mean radius of its orbit cubes
Geostationary orbit An orbit of the Earth made by a satellite that has the same time period as the rotation of the Earth and is in the equatorial plane
Simple Harmonic Motion Acceleration is directly proportional to the displacement. Acceleration is always directed towards the equilibrium position.
Damping Deliberately reducing the amplitude of an oscillation
Resonance Build-up of a large-amplitude oscillation when a driving frequency equals the natural frequency of an oscillating object.
Centripetal Force The resultant force on an object, acting towards the centre of the circle causing it to move in a circular path
Free oscillations When an object oscillates without a driving force acting to keep it oscillating. Objects undergoing free oscillations vibrate at natural frequency.
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