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Famous graphics and their designers.

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Who designed this? What is it? Harry Beck - Non geographical map.
Who designed this? What is it? Jock Kinnear and Margaret Calvert - Road signs.
Who designed this? What is it? Robert Sabuda - Paper engineering.
Who designed this? What is it? Wally Ollins - Corporate identity
Who designed this? What is it? Alberto Alessi company (Alberto Alessi) - Comission of homeware items
Describe non geographical maps It's made of straight lines running vertically, horizontally or at 45 degrees. Stations are space out evenly, each underground line is a different colour and match their station colours. Maps are simple to use and very effective.
Describe road signs Using different colours, shapes and 2-d block coloured pictograms to convey meanings, as well as designing an easy to read typeface. The lettering the developed is Sans serif and slightly curved. Signs are easy to understand and popular with drivers.
Describe paper engineering Folding and cutting paper to create models that unfold and move.
Describe corporate identity Companies use graphics design to promote their product and create brands, which will have a visual identity such as a logo, branding is also about the relationship the customer has with the product. To promote themselves the create a corporate images, using a logo, initials or a simple phrase
What does the Alessi company do? Commission designers to come up with fun and creative designs. The designs can be mass produced but must be as stylish and original as possible. The designs are always distinctive and colourful.
How do companies develop their brand? Creating a logo, which helps people recognise their brand. Employ brand consultants to build up an image that they want.
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