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The main reason the nation was divided in the 1850s was due to The states' rights
Eleven southern states seceded from the Union in 1860 due to Election of Abraham Lincoln and fear of no voice in government
The cause of the Civil War was Lincoln was elected therefore seven states seceded and the north wanted to reunite the nation
The Civil War was one by the North/Union
Reconstruction was needed in the South after the Civil War because Most of the Civil War was fought in the South
How did the eleven states that seceded re-enter the Union? They had to follow strict guide lines
Reconstruction came to an end when The election of 1876 happened
One of the main reasons settlers wanted to move West in the mid to late 1800s was the boom of the cattle boom
What did Native Americans hope to gain in return for agreeing to stay in one place? The right to be undisturbed
The Battle of Wounded Knee signaled The end of the Indian Wars
Railroads changed life in the West in the 1800s by Increasing commerce
Immigrants changed America between 1865 and 1915 by making __________ contributions, ____________ contributions, and _____________ contributions. Cultural, technological, and economical
Industry boomed in America in the late 1800s due to New technology
The Progressive Presidents were ___________, ____________, and ____________ Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Taft
The Progressives were also known as Reformers
The United States fought in the Spanish American War in 1898 to help Cuba gain their indpendence
The territories acquired by the United States after the Spanish American War were Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Wake Island
What did Cuba gain as a result of the Spanish American War? Limited independence
The United States acquired by Russia
The United States acquired Hawaii by Overthrowing the Queen and annexing it
The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand drew more than 20 countries into World War 1 because of The Alliance Systems
What was the final event that drew the United States into World War 1? Russian Revolution
World War 1 was one by The Allied Powers
The time period of 1919-1929 is referred to as "The Roaring Twenties" because Economic prosperity
The economic boom of the 1920s was threatened because of Buying on margin, buying on credit, and overspending
The event that pushed the United States' economy into The Great Depression in 1929 was when The stock market crashed
During FDR's presidency, the government tried to assist with the Great Depression by Taking total control
World War 2 started when invaders entered which European country? Poland
World War 2 came to an end when Japan surrendered
The Cuban Missile Crisis was a standoff between Soviet Union and USA
The United States became involved in the Korean War to Aid South Korea
The results of the Korean War are There was no clear winner
The Civil Rights Movement was A movement to protect the rights of all American citizens
Civil Rights Legislation, The ______________ was passed in 1964 Civil Rights Act
The Vietnam War started because North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam
The United States became involved in the Vietnam War To keep communism out of Vietnam
The Vietnam War was won by North Vietnam
The President involved in the Watergate Scandal was Richard Nixon
President Richard Nixon's presidency came to an end when he Resigned
The Cold War was a Power struggle/rivalry
The Cold War ended with The collapse of the Soviet Union
The Middle East gained world attention because of their Oil reserves
The newest, Cabinet position, Homeland Security, was created in response to 9/11
The United States supported and fought in the Persian Gulf War because Iraq invaded Kuwait
The United States invaded Afghanistan in 2001 In response to 9/11
The United States invaded Iraq in 2003 To look for weapons of mass destruction
Which President was responsible for the creation of the New Deal? Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Which President was responsible for the Emancipation Proclamation? Abraham Lincoln
Which President was responsible for authorizing the purchase of The Louisiana Purchase? Thomas Jefferson
To date, the United States, under the U.S. Constitution has had ___ presidents. 44
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