F211: Exchange Surfaces and Breathing Keywords and Info

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Goblet Cells- Gas exchange system secrete mucus = traps microbes and dust particles inhaled in air, stop from reaching alveoli IN TRACHEA, BRONCHI AND LARGER BRONCHIOLE
Cilia Ciliated epithelial cells, hair like structures on surface, waft mucus up away alveoli, through trachea to throat where its swallowed, helps prevent lung infection IN TRACHEA, BRONCHI, LARGER BRONCHIOLE AND SMALLER BRONCHIOLE
Elastic Fibres help process of expiration, breathing in lungs inflate elastic fibres are stretched, fibres recoil to help push air out when exhaling IN TRACHEA, BRONCHI, LARGER BRONCHIOLES, SMALLER BRONCHIOLES, SMALLEST BRONCHIOLES AND ALVEOLI (all aspects of lungs)
Smooth Muscle allows the lumen of the airway to be controlled, excercise= smooth muscle relaxes = wider airway = less resistance to airflow IN TRACHEA, BRONCHUS, LARGEST BRONCHIOLES AND SMALLER BRONCHIOLES
Cartilage provides walls with support, whilst remaining flexible bc of c shaped rings IN TRACHEA AND BRONCHI
Tidal Volume The volume of air in each normal breath
Vital Capacity The maximum volume of air that can be inhaled/exhaled
Breathing Rate number of breaths per unit/time
oxygen uptake amount of oxygen used up
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