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What is the nervous system and what does it do for the body? It is a system of cells, tissues, and organs that together regulate the body's response to stimuli
What are signals from inside the body? Internal Stimuli
What is sensory information from outside of the body? External stimuli
feelings of hunger/thirst, urinary system, fear, anxiety, stress responses, and pain inside of the body such as cramps are all examples of ______ Internal Stimuli
Changes in temp, light, responses to pain and hunger, and changes of the 5 senses are all examples of ______ external stimuli
The nerve cell that does all of the communicating in the nervous system Neurons
What are the jobs of Neuroglia? Supports neurons and makes sure they can carry out functions sufficiently NOT involved in communication like Neurons
projections off cell Body that receive stimuli and transfer stimulus to the cell body Dendrites
contains nucleus and dendrites project off of Cell body
long projection off cell body insulated by myelin and transfers electrical impulse from cell body to terminus Axon
end of axon that releases neurotransmitters terminus
houses cells genetic info in center of cell Body nucleus
part of axon that is not covered in myelin the allows signal to flow through Nodes of Ranvier
insulator that allows signal to flow through Myelin
What is the role of neurotransmitters in the Body? They are chemical messengers that get released by a neuron, their job is to transfer information from one neuron to the next.
What maintains chemical environment of the neuron and protects and maintains the blood brain barrier? (found in Brain and Spinal Chord)? Astrocytes
What produces cerebrospinal fluid and protects the brain and spinal chord? Ependymal cells
What wraps around the neuron and creates myelin so that the electrical signal can be sent?( ONLY located in brain and spinal chord) Oligodendrocytes
what wraps around neuron and insulates it with myelin BUT only wraps around neurons OUTSIDE fo the brain and spinal chord? Schwann cells
what is a reflex? an involuntary response to a stimulus
What is the first step to a reflex arc? What is its job? AFFECTOR- converts stimulus to an electrical signal
In a reflex arc what is the job of the sensory/Afferent Neuron? Transmits electrical signal to spinal chord
What is the "middle man" of the reflex arc that communicates between sensory and motion neurons? Interneuron
Motor/Efferent Nuerons do what? transmit respose info into effector
What is the muscle gland responsible for response in the reflex arc? Effector
How does a reflex work? Your body links a stimulus to a response automatically; the brain does not have to evaluate the stimulus
What are some examples of 5 different reflexes? 1- yawning 2-sneezing/coughing 3-corneal relfex 4-righting reflex 5- pupil reflex
can reflexes be controlled? if so what are some examples of controlled reflexes? YES, eye blinking, Bladder reflexes, and sometimes you can control your gag reflex
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