Vocab: Reactions

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solution a mixture that forms when one substance dissolves another
solute gets dissolved
solvent does the dissolving
catalyst a material that INCREASES the rate of a reaction: speeds it up
inhibitor a material that DECREASES the rate of a reaction: slows it down
compound a pure substance that is created by 2 or more elements chemically reacting and joining together
precipitate an insoluble substance that is produced as a result of a chemical reaction
endothermic reaction a chemical reaction in which heat energy is absorbed from the surrounding area (temp of area will decrease- get colder)
exothermic reaction a chemical reaction in which heat energy is given off or released into the surrounding area (temp of area will increase- get hotter)
mixture the physical combinations of 2 or more substances; can be separated by physical means
Law of Conservation of Mass a law that states: matter cannot be created or destroyed during a chemical reaction. Mass of reactants = mass of products
pure substance matter that has a specific composition (elements & compounds). CANNOT be separated by physical means.
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