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What has been the trend in women's activity during the last years? Increase in participation rate --> US from 30% to 60% However, women's participation is still lower than men's
What is the "Mommy Track"? The concept that some women have brilliant careers, but as they get married and have children, the bosses fear that they will stop showing commitment and fire them, cutting off their professional careers
What are "Show Pieces" / "Token Ladies"? Women that reach high positions for the mere fact of being women and who do not have the talent to be there
What is the "Glass Ceiling" concept? The phenomenon that keeps women from rising to higher levels in organizations has been labeled the “glass ceiling” (Just below the General Manager level) --> Company Boards: 84% Male --> Boardroom Chairs: 97% Male
What is the "Quota for women"? The core idea behind quota systems is to recruit women into political positions The establishment of a minimum percentage of women representation in the boards
What are the simplified roles for men and women? Men: Breadwinner --> Dominant, leader, productive, public space Women: Housewife --> Submissive, reproductive, private space
What are Stereotypes? 1) Exaggerated beliefs associated with a category that is used to justify behaviors toward a target 2) Cognitive category used by a social perceiver in information processing
Explain the idea of "Disembodied Worker" - Joan Acker, 1990 - He who works full-time on a life-long basis and who has a wife who cares for the children and for his personal needs Thus, he is able to focus exclusively on his job, without external worries.
Describe the idea of "Ideal Employee" - Irene Padavic - Many employers want to have workers who are completely committed to the company These employers have not reconsidered how work was organized in 1950.
Eurofund Statistics - 40% - Households both working full time - 29% - One partner working part-time - 18% - Report poor work-life balance - 20% - Report poor mental well-being
What are some of the problems due to lack of integration of work and family? 1) Drop in fertility 2) Ageing population 3) Lack of sustainability of the social security system 4) Difficult retention of talented employees 5) Health problems 6) Lack of motivation 7) Absenteeism
Ideal worker norm VS WLB? What should we change? Th ideal worker norm prevails over a better work-life balance integration Thus, we should focus on changing work design
Policies for work-life balance at a Government level Actors: Governments - Childcare - Maternity/Paternity/Parental leave - Economic assistance for those taking care of the elderly - Adequate public transport - Nurseries
Do families take advantage of Government policies for WLB? They usually don't. They fear being seen as not committed to the company
Policies for work-life balance at a Company level Actors: Employee & Employer organizations Supportive methods: - Health, cleaning, kindergarten Working time methods: - Concentration of time (4d/w), reduction (part-time, days off), flexibility
Policies for work-life balance at a Family level Actors: Families Informal strategies: Improvised Extreme: Quit, delay maternity, children to work Temporary: Choose job which allows WLB Spatial: Choose job close to home/school
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