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What are the reasons for expanding number of older workers? 1) Demographic development of the pop. (Baby boomer generation grows older) --> May change 2) Longer life expectancy (Living longer and healthier) --> Won't change, a priori 3) Labor force participation rate increase --> May change
Who is an older worker? --> Relative term, but generally: 16<x<34 = Young 35<x<49 = Middle Aged 50<x<65 = Older
What is the AMO theory of performance? f(A, M, O) = A*M*O where... A = KSAs (Session 2) M = Motivation O = Opportunity (External factors affecting performance)
What are Abilities? [AMO] - Physiological and cognitive capabilities that enable an individual to perform a task effectively - Capacity represents the effects of the individual’s knowledge, skills, intelligence, age, state of health, education, endurance, stamina...
What are some Physiological / Biological changes? Decline in: Strength, MUSCLE MASS MANE, senses Increase in: Chronic health conditions
What are some Psychological changes? Decline in: Processing speed, fluid intelligence, memory, inhibition function Stability / Increase in: General knowledge, verbal abolities (Crystalline intelligence), procedural and semantic memory
What is Motivation? [AMO] - The psychological and emotional characteristics that influence the degree to which an individual is inclined to perform a task comprise the willingness dimension. - willingness represents the effect on behavior of job satisfaction, personality, attitudes, norms, values, status, anxiety, task characteristics, job involvement, perceived role expectations, self-image...
What are some changes in job satisfaction over the work life? --> Positive relation between worker age and overall job satisfaction However, this finding is not uniform in all performed studies (though in many) Thus, some other factor/s (“moderators“) seem to influence this relationship
What are Opportunities? [AMO] Environmental factors beyond the employee's control (Natural states of nature, actions of others...) in addition to social, psychological, and physiological determinants, behavior also depends on the help of uncontrollable events and actors in one’s environment
So, does age allegedly affect performance? The overall effects of age on performance can, in fact, be considered to nulle. Age, apparently, hardly affects performance
What are some of the effects of age on performance? Better contextual performance Better safety performance Better punctuality Equal core task performance Equal Creativity Lower absenteeism Lower counterproductive behavior Lower training performance
How come there seem to be hardly any differences in performance? SOC (Selection, Optimization, Compensation) The selection of functional domains on which to focus one’s resources, optimizing developmental potential (maximization of GAINS), and compensating for losses = Maintenance of performance
What does Health Management consist of? 1) Helping employees identify health risks 2) Educating employees about them 3) Encouraging employees to change their lifestyles
What does Training consist of? Necessity in our fast-changing world, as skills and knowledge become obsolete – life-long learning is crucial The training must be adapted to their needs
What are some important issues in training older workers? FORMAT - Practical rather than theoretical TECHNIQUES - Guiding, learn by doing, use of specific examples, reduce distractions PACING - The older the more time you take to learn (up to x2 time than young) FEEDBACK - Positive, constructive, motivating
How can we adapt the environment for older workers? <Through changes in job design> Mechanistic - Increase efficiency, decrease training time Motivational - Max employee motivation, job satisfaction, involvement Perceptual/Motor - Minimize information processing / sensory demand Biological - Maximize comfort
How can we change the Organizational Climate? Very difficult to do Stories, rituals, policies, material symbols, language
What is "Age Climate"? How favorably older employees are regarded within the company - linked with stereotypes.
What are some of the ways of adapting HRM tools? 1) Recruitment - Actively recruiting older workers from the LM 2) Increase flexibility 3) Recognition of their knowledge (mentoring programs) 4) Succession planning 5) Phased retirement
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