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Cue card on the basics of bones.
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What is A? Skull
What is P? Carpals
What is E? Lumbar Vertebrae
What is V? Fibula
What is I? Collar bone
What is the purpose of bones? Support for the body Leverage for muscles to attach to To protect major organs To store minerals Blood cell production in the bone marrow.
What major organs do bones protect? The skull protects the brain And The ribs protect the lungs and heart
What minerals are stored in bones? Hydroxyapatite- Calcium and phosphorite Also small traces of magnesium, sodium and bicarbonate.
What is Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is when someone has a lack of calcium in their bones. This can cause the bones to become brittle meaning breaks are more common.
How many types of bones are there? And What are they called? 5 Long, Short, flat, irregular, Sesamoid
What is an example of a long bone? Humerus, Tibia, Femur
What is an example of a Sesamoid bone? Your knee cap
What is an example of a flat bone? Ribs, pelvis, cranium, sternum
What is an example of a short bone? Carpals and tarsals
What is an example of a irregular bone? Vertebrae and mandible
What type of bone is the patella? Sesamoid
What type of bone is the fibula? Long
What type of bone is the ulna and radius? The Ulna and Radius are long bones.
What is the clavicle and is it a long, short or irregular bone? The clavicle (collar bone) is a short bone.
What type of bone is the pelvis? The pelvis is a flat bone.
What type of bone is the sternum? The sternum is also a flat bone.
What is the sacrum and what type of bone is it? The sacrum is in between your Lumbar vertebrae and your coccyx or tail bone therefore meaning that it is irregular.
What letter is the Scapula? The Scapula is letter J on the diagram.
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