the 7 elements of music

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DURATION Duration means the length of each sound.Some sounds can be long , some sounds can be short.
DYNAMICS Dynamics means the loudness and softness of the music.Sometimes dynamics can be called volume.Music often changes volume gradually and goes from fast to slow or from slow to fast
PITCH Pitch refers to the highness or lowness of the notes in music.Most music uses a mixture of high and low notes.Some instruments , for example the Tuba , can play very low notes , whereas smaller instruments , such as the Piccoto , can play higher sounds.
SILENCE Silence can be just as important in music as sound in music , as it creates time for te echoes to die away.It can also be dramatic.
TEMPO Tempo means the speed of the music , whether it is fast or slow.Does the music speed up or slow down , or does it stay at the same tempo all the way through?
TEXTURE Texture refers to how many layers or voices are in a piece.If there is plenty of instruments playing in a piece the texture is thick ; if there is few instruments playing the texture is thin.You can build up the texture form thin to thick , or from thick to thin
TIMBRE Every instrument has its own tone colour or , timbre.For example a metal instrument sound s different from a wooden one , and banging drum skin sounds different from blowing a recorder.
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